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TEMAT: Magister work
2007-09-19 12:55:16
Yes, the title should be Magister's work, i know. Some things were not made by me though.

Actually, i am not interested in becoming a member of the TI team. I will be busy soon.

I show you some heroe portraits, even though i know that Cepheus have finished them (yes i am the one that helped him for 5 of them).

i don't like the idea of putting the Ziz priest as the level 7 of the good aligned town, Vori town: Outwatch. The Ziz priest are from the cult of Baa, hence they cannot be good aligned. The Ziz Avatar is the Ravenman of Might and Magic 8, and it doesn't look like the Ziz priest.
Finally, i think you should replace this creature by an other one.

In heroes community site i asked Gnoll_Mage whether they could make a contest in order to make the Avariel.

The Avariels used for a bonus round in HC:

It was made by BIGJOCKER

It was made by Sheensher

I show you some drawings i have made for a level 7 creature: The Avariel.


Rarest of the elven races, the avariel, the winged elves, live a reclusive existence, seldom seen by outsiders. Such is their scarcity and seclusion, that their status is almost that of legend, and many believe tales of these winged elves to be little more than myth and wild fancy.

Avariel remain in any number in only one place — a secluded mountain home in the north. They remove themselves from the elven society in the summit of their sacred mountains.

Their wings are the purest white and their hair is white or silver.

I tell you the colors:
Colors: White, silver, turquoise for the diamonds


The sacred spear, weapon of the Avariel:

Capacities (you could add some others capacities):

No melee penality, shooter, Immune to Ice Bolt and Frost Ring, Fly

Possible heroe portraits in the case there are some heroe portraits that Cepheus made you didn't like: (snow queens)


Names i have thought:
Artica new heroe
Chem Winterlight: Campaign heroe (i have made a drawing of her)

I have made others drawings, they are not finished though.

I wanted to make Chem Winterlight a campaign heroe (not finished though):


Tower of Power :


Guild Mage (i haven't made the 5 floors/levels though) :


I don't know if somebody knows if this special effect can be used for the main menu in the TI MOD:

There is no comment ?

Trang Oul: Please use direct image URLs.

-> I don't know how to make it in this forum.
2007-09-19 17:47:20
that snow queens are very good

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