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TEMAT: just a sugestion....
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2007-07-15 17:42:53
Powinni∂my mieś jeszcze Angeli, Ballistae, Dracones... :) .
2007-07-15 23:45:24
>> Though Aquarius was firstly the mythical creature, then the star constellation and a quite dummy Within Temptation's song ;) And still we have another Overseer if I remember correctly...

You have a good point, but come on, are people really going to want to wage war against large armies of Aquarii? And how can we explain the transition from Triton -> Aquarius? It looks like the Aquarii are female, which means another Genie -> Master Genie debate...

Were they actually called Aquarii in Might and Magic VIII? And I don't believe there are any other Overseers in Heroes III. ;)

If you guys want to stick with Aquarius, that's fine with me. I don't mind at all. I can modify the text files for my game to turn them into Overseers if I feel like doing so. I just thought I'd help out with making the translations sound cooler. :)
2007-07-16 00:47:25
In MM8 it's called Fire Newt, Fire Lizard or Salamander.
2007-07-16 07:24:08
@Ceph - a little qui pro quo, we have Horned Overseer in Heros V, so that's the reason I thought about it ;)

And I still think that both the "gender debate" and starsign matter are really minor things... But it's only my opinion ;)
(Btw: yep, my starsign is Aquarius :P)
2007-07-19 00:55:15
I suppose you're right, there's no way I can win this little debate, and I really am clutching at straws here... ;) Okay. You guys win, we'll call it Aquarius. But if you can come up with a feasible excuse for calling that Hippocampus upgrade the Capricorn, may the Kreegans capture me, throw me into Enroth's eel infested waters and flay my hide a thousand times. :)

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