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TEMAT: Dj the rushed mapmaker :P
2007-07-04 11:28:59
Hy...I'm Dj and I'd like to join your team. I can make maps.Sorry to be so rushy but I didn't finish this map because I have to go somewhere in vacation for almost a month and I want to show you this and tell me an answer quickly and (if it's YES) give me a job to make the campaign for Vori or Regna when I'm gone.


At least I tried...anyway...good luck with your project :D
2007-07-04 13:33:19
Wow! Map is really good. Positive vote
2007-07-04 13:40:10
Thank you...but it isn't finished! Waiting for other's opinion :)
2007-07-04 14:06:30
In one place creatures are to many, in other to few, but map is general good;). Please show other maps. On this time Neutral vote;(

2007-07-04 14:51:43
The map has a few forgivable grammatical errors, and a couple of unnamed buildings which do nothing. It could be polished a little, and it lacks a name and description. But all in all, I actually think it's very good! If this is the sort of thing you can make in a hurry, I'd bet my left arm that the maps you could make with a little more time on your hands would be excellent. You've got my Positive Vote.
2007-07-04 14:52:58
So, since Cepheus has written everything, you have my Positive Vote.
2007-07-04 14:57:24
Thank you.I'm working on the map. In 30 min it's finished.The unnamed objects are for the scripters.I don't know ERM and I'm not an English man to know perfectly English.
2007-07-04 16:04:37
Well...I guess I finished the map...Enjoy :) (:-s)

2007-07-04 16:17:40
Ok, but why you take many monsters in one place. Map is curious and exhausting. For that map I will give you mark 12,5/20 but please show one more map ;P.

map build - 7/10
object accommodation - 2,5/5
climate - 3/5
general mark - 12,5/20 - On average
2007-07-04 16:24:31
ok...i don't have any other maps...i just wanted to help you...
2007-07-06 09:59:14
Map is good, but I can't vote:)
2007-07-06 11:36:25
Ok, positive vote, mapmakers are wanted

Pzdr ;)
2007-07-06 11:54:11
Dobra mapa i... dobra robota! Głos pozytywny.
2007-09-07 13:42:03
Hy...I made another map..it's the continuation of the 1st map...it's not finished thought :-s
2007-09-07 15:56:53
All islands on this map isn`t the same. The ugliest is islands with lava and that in the north-west place(he isn`t finall). On the swamp islands that rain is bad. But map is ery exhausting and good

map build - 9/10
object accommodation - 3/5
climate - 3/5
general mark - 15/20 - Good
2007-09-07 18:11:40
no one and nothing is perfect...thank you :)

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